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The Formula for Success

The very origin of the program was derived from reverse engineering success and analyzing successful people. The very nature of the program is to learn. To learn about the individual and the unique nature of the problem, learning and creating a personalized system of success for each individual.

The program is segmented into easily learnable systems. Throughout my career, I have continually refined the process and simplified the delivery and teaching method to a point where even a nine-year-old can comprehend and understand many of the basic principles. A significant component of this is the idea of going back to the basics. The program does exactly that; it breaks down to the simplest forms that we need to master in order to be successful.

​We use the learning system to identify the problem. Then we again use the learning system to locate or create the solution.


What is your version of success?

You are the focal point of the system. It is not a cookie-cutter system. There is no "one solution fits all." This program is successful because it is specifically tailored to you, your situation, and your life. Even the very definition of success will be tailored to you as an individual. Just because something works for someone else doesn't mean it will work for you. So let's discover what works for you.

​People can have similar problems, but as an individual, that problem will present very differently to you; in the same respect, the solution will also present uniquely to you.


Who is this guy?

Stew is a volleyball coach from Australia who used to work with professional athletes. Early in his career, he focused on developing a system that would allow his athletes to succeed. Coach Stew distinguished himself by asking the questions nobody else was asking and began to break the mold of traditional coaching. To do this, he started by looking at successful traits. He then worked backward to derive the fundamental steps inherent in a successful individual, thus creating a program reverse-engineered from success. The results and impact he was making in others' lives led to a natural transition of life coaching. Stew fell in love with coaching all over again and became certified in life coaching to help others learn and continue to be successful.

After transitioning into life coaching and being no longer limited to the sporting field, the scope of his program continued to expand exponentially. To this day, his program is continually growing and adapting to fit the needs of his clients.

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